Top Follow APK V4.5.6 Download for Android 2022

Top Follow APK is one of the best social media app which is used to increase followers on Instagram free of cost. We all know that Instagram is one of popular social media platform where celebrities’ upload their pictures and stories. If you’re a Instagram user and you want to promote your account free of cost then Top Follow App is better one for this purpose.

It is social media promotional app which works for getting free followers on Instagram without paying anything. It works on the basis of coin based algorithm in which you have to earn some coins in this app and then trade those coins for Instagram followers.

There are many apps that are available on Internet for free followers and likes for Instagram. I think from those apps most provide bot followers which can be dropped after few days but Top Follow provides genuine followers. Some of SMM Panels are also using this app to provide followers to their clients.

Top Follow APK

If you’re a Instagram user then you can understand about how much followers are important for one account. TopFollow App is best app for this purpose you can increase followers just after downloading this app. Through this app you can amaze your friends and can get many followers free.

It works on AI based system to increase followers for account. There many auto likes and followers apps but the main drawback of those apps they provide fake followers which are useless.

The process of getting followers through this app is instant. When you download TopFollow you will get instant followers after signing your account in this app.

Top Follow App Download

If you want to get latest version of this Top Follow APK V4.5.6. Click on the download button provided below. After downloading and installing this app you can set up account in this app. It will provide you usage instructions in dashboard hopefully you will be able to use this app in professional manner.

TopFollow APK Details

Here is the details of this app which is specially developed for Androids. You can get the details of latest version V4.5.6 of Top Follow.

App NameTop Follow
Size10 MB
No of Downloads10 Millions

Pros and Cons


  • Top Follow gives you option to choose followers that are related to your content.
  • It is extremely easy to navigate, you can set up account in few minutes in this app.
  • As it provides genuine followers so, definitely you’ll get benefit from those followers.
  • Top Followers App is simple and affordable as it does not require any permission to access the privileges.
  • Followers are real so it means that they will respond on your account because it provides real followers which are relevant to the content.
  • The latest Top Follow APK does not contain any ads.
  • You’ll get genuine and relevant followers through Top Follow Instagram Followers App.


  • It is third party app and Google does not provide security guarantee of such apps.
  • It is possible that followers that you’ll get by using Top Follow does not respond what you say to them.
  • Auto mode of you Top Follow sometimes adds more followers without notifying you so, it is not good.

How to Use Top Follow APK Efficiently

When you’ve downloaded this app then login into this app after clicking login button present at the bottom of screen. Here in this section you need to login in this app through Instagram account. I will suggest you to create new one for this purpose.

Top Follow Instagram Login

After login into TopFollow App you’ll see this type of simple and clean interface. Each and every tool is easily accessible in this app.

Top Follow App Interface

Get Free Coins in TopFollow APK

If you want to get coins in this app then click on start button in Top Follow APK it will start collecting coins using your Instagram account. It is in top follow but actually it is very hard and time taking task. But Top Follow App provides this option it will follow other Instagram profile using your Instagram account.

At each follow you’ll get 4 coins in this option. You can also collect coins manually but it is time taking process. I will suggest you to use this automatically coins collecting option. Now, just on start button and increase coins.

Get coins in Top Follow

Now, you can see that after starting auto coins extraction in Top Follow you’ll get four coins at each follow after every 20 secs. If you use this auto coins option for one hour you’ll get 720 in that hour. It depends on usage to time in this app to collect coins.

Pause collecting coins in Top Follow APK

Once you have collected enough coins then you can pause those coins collection in this app. Now these coins are in wallet you can use them for Instagram followers.

Features of Top Follow

Top Follow is trending app for Instagram Followers. The usage of this app we’ve discussed above of this article. Now, you’ll get latest features of this app.


As you know that Top Follow is a third party app not available on Google Play Store but it is secured app. You know that third party apps are risky because developer can inject some malware in such apps. By using that malware they can extract photos videos and other information from your android device.

But we always check apps on this website that’s why I can claim that Top Follow APK is secure app to use.

Friendly User Interface

The user interface is very friendly even beginner can easily use this app. When you download Top Follower APK it gives you instructions on each step. You can easily use this app without any hesitation because it is designed in such way that it will give you instructions and guidance at each step.


Top Follows App is very responsive and working you can get thousands of coins in few minutes. Use it for increasing followers on Instagram rapidly.

Free to Use

As it works on coins so it is free of cost. You just have to collect those coins to get followers and likes for Instagram. It does not require any money to increase followers and likes. It provides stable followers which remain your follower on Instagram for long time.

So this follower app will help you to increase reach and audience retention of your Instagram profile. Use the app and get followers in no time.

Easy to Earn Coins in Top Follow

You can get thousand of coins easily just follow the users profile suggested by this app and earn coins. It also gives you option to earn coins automatically. Just earn coins and promote you Instagram profile.

Buy Coins

You can also buy coins while using this app. Definitely it is one of the safest app to build your Instagram online community in no time.

Ads Free App

This app is totally ads free. You can easily the app to get followers without any hesitation. So it helps you to increase user experience.

Get Unlimited Instagram Followers

If you want to get followers instantly in this app then you have to buy coins and spend those coins for followers. It is simple and best way to get unlimited followers while using Top Follow.

Top Follow Promo Codes

  • You can use one of amazing promo code 6BC39AB9 when you signup Top Follow account and get 400 coins.
  • Another code that you can use is LIKECODE .
  • The most fantastic promo code is D46BC8E7 through which you can get 500 coins.


How to use Top Follow?

Top follow is an app which is used to get followers on Instagram. It works on coins if you want to know how to use this app read this article.

How to get free followers on Instagram?

You can get free followers on Instagram by using some apps. Some of most trending apps are Top Follow, FiraFollower and InstaUp.

Is it safe app?

Yes it is 100% safe one to use. We always check apps on our website you don’t need to worry.


Top Follow is a real follower APK which is most trending app all over the world. The download numbers of this app are more than 10M with 4.6 star ratings. In this article we tried our best to cover everything related to this app.

If you have any question related to Top Follow APK let us know in comments we’ll respond as soon as possible.