Top Follow APK V4.4 Download Instagram Followers

After Facebook, Instagram is one of the popular social media platform where people love to share their pictures and stories. If you want to increase your presence on Instagram platform you need followers and likes. For this purpose Top Follow APK is an best app, that works on the basis of virtual money (coins) to promote any Instagram account.

It’s not easy to get fame on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. There are so many apps available that increase followers and likes on Instagram but provide fake or bot followers. TopFollow is an very trending app in this sense because it provides real followers. Even many SMM Panel are using this Instagram Followers app to provide followers to their clients. For Instgram followers check other amazing app grow follow and grow your account.

Overview of Top Follow APK

Top Follow APK works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that promote any Instagram account. It is a free promotional app that provides real and non drop followers for Instagram. Unlimited followers you can get from this TopFollowers APK.

It is a coin based application where you have to win coins and then you can trade those coins for free followers on Instagram. It is an time saving app you don’t need to spend your time to gain fake followers through other apps just download and get many followers effortless.

TopFollow App Download

Top Follow APK is updated to it’s latest version v4.4 in June 2022. If you want get followers through this amazing Instagram Followers App then just click on the download button given below.

The complete usage information of this app is given in this article so, read this article thoroughly to know about “How you can use top follow apk”.

Top Follow APK Details

App NameTop Follow APK
No of Downloads10M+
Size14 MB

Usage of TopFollow

After downloading and Installing Top Follow APK you’ll see the login button present in the bottom. You have to add your Instagram account here, I will suggest you to add any new or fake Instagram here.

Top Follow MOD

After that you will see amazing interface in top follow app. You will see all the details of each feature in this amazing interface of this amazing followers app.

Download Top Follow

How to Get Free Coins in Top Follow APK

Top Follow apk has two options to get coins. First one is manual option where you have to tap on start button again and again manually to get free coins. Other one is automatic option where you just click once on start button it will automatically work to increase free coins in your top follow apk account..

It will take some time to get many free coins. You will get 4 coins at each follow to other Instagram account through your logged in Instagram account. Now, just click on start button and increase your coins in this Instagram Followers App.

Top Follow Coins Extraction

Now, you can see that at each follow to other account you’ll be awarded with 4 coins in this app. It will happen after every 20 secs.

Coins in Top Follow App

When you have completed coins according to your need of followers, you can pause this app.

Features of Top Follow APK

Top Follow is one of the most trending follower app for Instagram. Many SMM Panel are using this app to give followers to their clients. These are some amazing features of this amazing app.

Promotion App

Top Follow APK is an promotion app for your Instagram account. This app will give to followers, likes and comments. It is the main feature of top follow mod apk. This apk works specially for Instagram and you can get lots of followers in very short time period. Just click on the above button to download this app.


We all know that third-party apps are not secured as compared to the official apps. Developer sometimes injunct malware or viruses in such apps that can harm your android phones and can be insecure for your data. But top follow is an completely secured app you can use this app without any tension. We always prefer the security of our website users. You can download and use this app without any tension or confusion.

Real Instagram Free Followers

Top Follow apk is one of the most trusted app because it provides genuine followers for Instagram account. Due to it’s real base people love this app and use it to gain followers. It has edge of over other Instagram followers apps because coins collection is very easy and it provides real not bot followers to it’s users.

UI Friendly App

The user interface of this app is very easy to understand. It is made in such a way that even less educated people can understand each and every feature. So, top follow has it’s own worth when we relate it with other apps.

Free Hashtag Feature

Hashtags are most prominent feature of social media platforms that helps to increase the reach of people to any post. You can use this feature in top follow apk to increase reach of people to pictures and videos in Instagram.

You can only use this feature on top follow mod apk, in simple version this feature is paid and you have to pay to use this feature. So, download now top followers apk to get followers, likes and comments to Instagram posts.

Rapid Response

The response of top follow apk is very quick. You can get thousands of Instagram followers in few days or so. It means that you can increase followers free of cost and in less time with this amazing app.

Easy Coins Collection

Top Follow APK provides you unlimited coins in no time. It has automatic feature through which you can get many coins free of cost and in less time. This app collects coins while following other people Instagram accounts.

Ads Fee App

Top Follow APK is totally ads free app that is why it has amazing user experience. You have to just follow the steps to use this app to get coins and then spend those coins for followers. You will not face any annoying ad in this app.

Unlimited Followers

When you get unlimited coins in this top followers app then you can trade those coins for unlimited followers on Instagram. As we told earlier that the coins collection in this app is very easy. You can get many coins so, it means that you can unlimited followers through this app free of cost.

Just collect coins and get followers for your Instagram account free of cost.

Free to Use

As we all know that SMM Panels charges handsome amount from their clients to provide followers. Top Follow APK is 100% free of cost to use as it works on the basis of coins. So it is my suggestion for you to grab a chance to download this app and get followers.

Referral Reward

TopFollow allows it’s users to share the referral link to friends and get referral rewards. So this topfollow apk will give you up to 10% if you share the link to your friend and your friend joins top follow apk from your shared link.

Promo Codes

It also uses referral or promo codes three promo codes of topfollow app I will share here

  • You can use this code 6BC39AB9 to get 400 coins for your Instagram account added in top follow apk.
  • Another code that you can use to get 400 coins in top follow is LIKECODE.
  • Get 500 coins by using this code D46BC8E7. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which one is best app for Instagram Followers?

There are many apps in market that provides followers for Instagram. These apps are InstaUp, Get Insta, Top Follow and some others. But most of them provide real followers to a certain limit due to free user. If you want to get more followers then you need to buy. Top Follow APK provides you thousands of real followers free of cost that’s why I would suggest you to use this app.

Q: How to get unlimited coins in Top Follow APK?

You can get unlimited coins in top follow app by following other Instagram profiles in top follow. You can get unlimited coins through this way otherwise it gives you purchase option to get many coins in your account.

Q: How to Top Follow App bad request issue?

It is not a big issue. When we collect coins automatically in Top Follow APK, we face this issue. Just restart the device this problem will solve. If remain same after restart now, just clear the data of top follow app and check.

Q: How to get 1K followers on Instagram in 10 minutes?

There are many ways to get followers on Instagram. You can buy followers from SMM panels or can get through any app like InstaUp, Grow Follow or Top Follow. But I would suggest you to use Top Follow APK for rapid unlimited followers.

Final Verdict

Top Follow APK is an amazing app to get followers on Instagram. The download numbers of top follow app are 1M+ with 4.7 star ratings. It provides real followers for Instagram. The user interface of top follow is amazing anyone can easily use this app without facing any trouble. As it works on coins basis so you can use this app free of cost. You can use this app for your clients to increase followers on their account.

This is all about Top Follow APK hopefully you will feel love to read about this app. If you feel any confusion or have any query related to top follow app let us know in comments we’ll solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks